Door Number 17 The Knowledge Door – Just Information


Hi there!

To read you need your eyes in the reading, your heart in the reading, your sixth sense in it, you need to know how to read between the lines, anticipation, knowing are the key in the mistery of reading.


“Sally starts to Read”


Sally didn’t continue reading because there was nothing else to read, for some reason Rain didn’t write anything else besides from that, but with what she read and heard from Rain’s Lips she got the information that she needed now she only needs to think about what her next step would be. Now it was in her hands the destiny of all these ghosts…..


Published by: sserrat

I'm the new black, but in color and that color is all the words that come up from inside my head. Fact: This Blog is for me to feel like a real writer. It's just like the feeling that the characters from the movie "you got mail" felt when those words appeared on the screen, that's how I feel when I clicked on P.U.B.L.I.S.H.E.D. That's just a great feeling. I can't see myself no writing in the sense of forever. Writing is magic and when you read me becomes true and when you comment starts to scream. I just love it. A place to be, to let myself go.

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