Door Number 21


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A story teller found an interesting short story, but he shouldn’t have done that, now because of that terrible discovery he is in the middle of loosing what he considers to be his magical store. Magical just because he is the only one of all the stores that really sells besides what he sells becomes a little bit real, but that is another story for another day. As I was saying before he is about to loose his store. The muse has told him that he needs to tell some following stories in the next places on her list, 15 to be exact. He will read out loud some in English and some in Spanish, he needs to follow the instructions and not ask any questions. One Day, One Place, One Story to read out loud and he won’t loose his Store. So he starts reading, he gets into character and goes to the following place and reads the first story of the day that is coming up next for you to know it as well.

“First Story”

On this Place The monk of Crunk Story is going to be known & Tell. Lets Start.

Once upon a time there was this boy named RJ., a cute one in fact that everybody liked. He never notice me at all until I began a rumour about the story of the Monk of Crunk. This boy that I’m telling you about has always believed to be the soul of the party, without him there is not such party and that it’s true. I have seen it. The room lights up when he enters and you see so many smiles and you hear so many laughs around him. So when he heard my rumour that out there was somebody else like him or even better; he wanted to meet his match. There was no match at all unless you were talking about me. Anyway I continue lying; I even left a little note on his locker telling him: “You have met your match and you hadn’t even noticed it”, of course then I was talking about me. Later on that day I made him see me wearing this t-shirt that said: The Monk of Crunk’s girl.

When he saw me; he wanted me to tell him why was I wearing that, but I couldn’t. Later on he got this other letter that said: “She is mine.” That week he saw me again with another t-shirt of a different color that said the same thing “The Monk of Crunk’s girl”. He got upset when he saw me wearing it. I saw another side of him that day and I didn’t like it. I stopped wearing that shirt and for some reason when you stopped with the rumour; all of that becomes old news. So that day I left on his locker the last sign of me, it was a t-shirt that said on it: “I’m the only one” (On front) “Monk of the Crunk” (On the back)

Later on that day I saw him wearing it and he said: “What took you so long?” and kiss me. It felt nice, it felt like a dream, but there was something in that kiss, something that I could not explain, was it a spell? Maybe I got something from him that day. True be told I wasn’t the kind of girl that you notice right away or at all. I’m not the kind of girl that socialises or goes to parties; so to tell you why I like this guy I really don’t know. Something in his hazel eyes, something in his smile, that’s it. That smile of his was magical to me. Now I remember, it was my first day in , Sunnyside High School, and everything went wrong that day until the end of it. By accident I fell and so did all my books; I asked then “Why me? This is just great, tell me what else?” Then I heard him saying “just smile, that’s what else”, he helped me by picking up all my books and smile at me and I think he also winked at me, I couldn’t feel my knees, and since then I have been following him around like a fly, but an invisible one; so I thought until he said to me, what took you so long?

“What took me so long?” I wonder. If I only I had known then, that he felt the same way, but why wonder now; I’m his girl and he is my guy, together we are the perfect duo. Yeah! I am under his spell. For you to understand me I need to tell you that from the moment we kissed, every time I looked at myself on the mirror I don’t recognised that face that I am seeing reflected. I find myself smiling all the time, feeling good and I think it has something to do with him. I can’t believe I’m his girl, we are the perfect duo nowadays. It’s like that all the time as though we have a mission to make everybody happy, to make them see that it’s easy to smile even when the sky seems so grey. Above all there is always a tomorrow.

So after two months of being the soul of all the parties; we wanted some time to ourselves. That summer weekend of 2006 we took the car to nowhere, to go with the flow and nothing else and to erase from our minds those grades that we got because those were just numbers, not very bad, but numbers. You have to understand one thing; we enjoyed life to the fullest and if that was reflected in our grades, big deal, at least I made it. So this was our time. We were on the road, I turned the radio on and nothing good came out until this guy, TJ. said something that caught our ears immediately; he said “Let’s fly with me” he invited all of us that were listening to him to this place that at the moment I don’t recall its name to go handgliding, after hearing that; we turned to each other and right away we yell out loud YESSSSSSS! and we went for it. It was a blast. Only with him could I do this.

It was Saturday afternoon and I was kind of tired after that adventure. So we stopped to eat some lunch. We found the perfect spot for it; it was like the stars were on our side, the scenery was so lovely. You could see the mountains and some really big white clouds. So we sat ourselves down to have a good picnic, there on the grass, we started to eat and listen to the voices of the nature. There was no need for words between us you know. He is like Cyrano, who spoke words of love to this amazing lady and he wasn’t the one who she loved. RJ was just like that, without speaking he told me everything with his eyes, well at least that’s the way he made me feel. So after a few moments of silence I went for his bag because I wanted to take a picture, but he stopped me when he saw me doing that, it felt like he was hiding something in the bag that he didn’t want me to see, and he gave me the camera. I was about to get mad at him, but in that precise instant he did something and I couldn’t stay mad at him. He gave me his hand and invited me to dance. But “there’s no music” I said so he turned the radio on and there it was the music with a good melody to dance to. It felt good being in his arms and kissing with the sunset behind us. At one point we lost our balance and fell on the grass. There we were looking at each other, feeling something new, but what was it exactly? Maybe we felt in the air the “L” word, but neither one said anything to the other one and then again another announcement. It was an invitation to anybody who was listen to it to go and dance around the clock and raise some money, we were good at that; so we went for it. When we arrived to the place we found out that we were going to be the first couple on the dance floor, but after getting on the dance floor, everything change like always and people started dancing. It lasted I don’t know how many hours, I don’t know how I did it, we never found out about the cause, we just had fun and after it was finished we felt tired and we went to look for a place to stay and sleep.

The next morning; I felt like a new person, ready to have more fun. Later on RJ. Knocked on my door with breakfast. We ate it on the bed, I asked him about the plan for that day and he said “there is still no plan my lady, we are going with the flow, so far everything has gone well with this plan, don’t you think?” and then I answered “You are right, it makes me feel that we are on our own amazing race” and he laughed so hard that he spill some juice all over himself; so he went to his room to change and after that we took  the road again.

So here we were again driving away and suddenly I did something unexpected to him and kind of dangerous. I put my hands over his eyes while he was driving and gave him the directions. At first he seemed to enjoy it, but after a few minutes he lost it. You see, there is something about him that I haven’t told you, he likes to be in control. When he lost it; the magic of this trip went away, silence took place; that thing I did was a terrible mistake. A half hour passed by and I opened my window all the way down and saw outside, saw these big fat white clouds, I felt the air on my face and I decided to feel more; so I said “why don’t we stop here, and have some lunch?, I think it would help the situation.” After I said that last word and saw his face when he turned and looked at me, he smiled and said “what situation honey?, I was just enjoying the silence dear” when I heard that from his lips I couldn’t do anything else but smile back at him and kiss him on the lips and say “so let’s stop here” and we did.

This was a good spot, there it was a lake, a big tree to sit and have a great picnic. So we ate, I laid down on the grass and he did too. We saw the clouds and we started making shapes out of them, I closed my eyes for a little while and when I was doing that he kept still; just looking at me. Few moments of that were enough for us to continue with our trip. I won’t give you more details, because some mystery never hurt, let’s just say that at the end of our trip, before we arrived home; I discovered what he was hiding in the bag, I discovered another sight of him, his softer side. People see him like the soul of the party and they expect from him to make them happy and he really enjoys that, he doesn’t mind, it’s part of him, but sometimes he also needs that same feeling in return. Sometimes he really gets it from his friends, from me, but other times he looks for it in a poem. Please don’t tell anybody. Let’s just say that it was good that he carried with him that book, “Listen to the warm”, because since that trip I have loved him gently and because of that, there is and always will be spice in our lives.


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I'm the new black, but in color and that color is all the words that come up from inside my head. Fact: This Blog is for me to feel like a real writer. It's just like the feeling that the characters from the movie "you got mail" felt when those words appeared on the screen, that's how I feel when I clicked on P.U.B.L.I.S.H.E.D. That's just a great feeling. I can't see myself no writing in the sense of forever. Writing is magic and when you read me becomes true and when you comment starts to scream. I just love it. A place to be, to let myself go.

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5 thoughts on “Door Number 21”

  1. I can’t help wondering if this boy does exist… is the male character inspired by somebody you know? Have you ever seen the TV show called “awkward” I think you might like it! Good luck with the writing!

    1. Thanks for commenting. Well to answer to your questions this is the deal: A long time ago I had a virtual friend and his nickname was the Monk of Crunk. I found that nickname so interesting that I felt the need to create a story around it. Certain little details are based on him because I asked him for some facts before I wrote the story. Yes, I used to watch that show.

      1. You know, the best stories are often inspired by real life events 😉 tiny details, interesting characters, awkward situation… and then it is up to our imagination and creativity to grow a story around these elements, well done!

      2. For sure it is. Almost all of my writing is like that, taking what I experience, what I see or hear and some twists here and there. The magic of literature in reading and writing. Cheers!!!!

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