Let’s Continue with The Halloween Mask

Copyright©2006; by Carl Cox

Hi There!

Never let others have power over you. Opinions are important, but after all they are just that.


……”Well, it looks like we have a result,” he said. “The winner of tonight’s costume event is David Tanner. David, come on up here!”
I can’t believe it! David thought. I actually won! There was scattered applause as David made his way to the front of the crowd. He felt an immense pride as Mr. Davis handed him the trophy. David turned to face the group, and was about to speak when a voice rung out from across the room.
“Hey,” Kyle said, “it looks like we finally found out what David is good at: being ugly!”
The laughter began slowly, first a low chuckle, then building to deep belly laughs as it spread throughout the gym. David looked around and saw that many of the others were pointing at him as they laughed. Even Jessica, a malicious gleam in her eye, had joined in.
I should have known better, he thought sadly. Winning the contest didn’t change anything at all.
He turned towards Marcus, who had a pained expression on his face. Then, his own face burning with humiliation, David turned and fled the gym and the taunting laughter.
“David!” Marcus called. But David was gone.
For the next hour and a half, Marcus searched for David. Although not particularly large, their town had many places that David might have gone to escape, and Marcus had to check all of them. He found David at last, sitting in the park on one of the swings, his head in his hands.
Marcus cleared his troat, to let David know he was there, and to give him time to compose himself. At the sound, David straightened suddenly, then wiped a hand quickly across the front of the mask to wipe away the tears that had escaped. He turned to Marcus, his eyes bleak.
“They laughed at me. Everyone laughed at me.”
“Not everyone. I didn’t.”
“Did you see Jessica?” David asked. “She was laughing harder than anyone.”
“Who cares what Jessica thinks? In fact, who cares what anyone thinks? So you’re not the most popular kid at school; big deal. You’ve still got friends. You’ve still got me.”
David lowered his head, too emotional to speak for a moment. After a while, he raised his head gratefully, and said simply, “Thanks, man. I’ve always been able to count on you.”
Marcus smiled. “That’s right. We do still have one problem, though.”
“What’s that?”
“You still have to return that mask to the shop.”
“Oh, my gosh! I completely forgot about that! What time is it?”
Marcus glanced down at his watch.
“It’s 12:05.”
“Oh, no! The guy at the shop said I had to return it before midnight! He’s going to be really mad!”
“Well, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s go.”
David reached up to pull off the mask, but after a few moments of fumbling, he turned to Marcus.
“I think I have a problem here. I can’t get the mask off.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean it won’t come off!”
“Here, let me help you,” Marcus said, tugging at David’s neck.
“Ouch, be careful! Just find the edge of the mask, and pull it from there!”
“Uh, David, there isn’t any edge.”
“What?”…..to be continued

What do you think would happen next? How would you had reacted if that had happened to you?




Published by: sserrat

I'm the new black, but in color and that color is all the words that come up from inside my head. Fact: This Blog is for me to feel like a real writer. It's just like the feeling that the characters from the movie "you got mail" felt when those words appeared on the screen, that's how I feel when I clicked on P.U.B.L.I.S.H.E.D. That's just a great feeling. I can't see myself no writing in the sense of forever. Writing is magic and when you read me becomes true and when you comment starts to scream. I just love it. A place to be, to let myself go.

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