Sharing the Art’s Poem


Hi There!

Inspiration comes, knocks on your door and you decide to answer; sometimes by Painting, other times by writing or both. However sometimes you just follow the Inspiration and you add your own thing.


418097_3428255032046_1797875011_nThis time around the poetry of Listen to the Warm came into my hands and I surrended to it and I gave it my own thing.

I’m the one you often meet
between the cartoon and the feature
some have called me ugly duck
and some, the love creature.
Some have thought them tired,
meaning my eyes,
other times they have been
Beauty as it’s often said
lives in the eyes of the beholder.
I’ve been sent red roses
and once a custard pie.
I’m the one
they sandwich in
between the poet and the preacher
some have called me ugly duck
other the love creature
that loves you
from here to eternity
with open arms.
I love you,
so love me as I am;
beautiful as a morning Rose
and with imperfections
like the night.
Let me take you for a Ride
through the Park
and make out
right there on the grass.
Let’s start writing our Story…

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