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In the feed & back there is the inspiration for what it is coming next


The Creative path says “Get Feedback”, but that is not in my hands, it is in yours. Nowadays I guess your feedback is quiet, trying to say a lot of stuff with just one like, well, at least that’s what I think. Besides most of the times I am the same. On the other hand I really think that “I like” means from time to time: Yeah! I like it! or I do agree or I feel the same way or likewise. Recently in my facebook page a friend of mine posted an image that said “I like when you click like; it means that you read me” so perhaps a like can also mean: Even in the distance; I am close, but let’s go back to the word Feedback.
Talking about that; the other day when I was looking at my list of this Creative Journey and I read that this word, this action was the next step I couldn’t stop thinking about certain homework that I did in one of my writing classes that made me quit going to those kind of classes. The thing is that when I got the corrections for my paper, they were all in red ink, there was also some good points but they were also in red ink, but guess what; all those good points of encouragement were overshadow by all that red ink and I figured that months later. That’s when I figure that if  I’ve ever become a Teacher I will never use RED INK or at least remember NOT TO USE IT when I’m talking about the good stuff.
And here a twist to Feedback:
Once upon a time there was this little cat name Feed that like chocolate milk, something that is hard to get, especially if you are a street cat, but she always knew where to go. She always went to Back’s place. Back or Backy for his friends was the cutest black dog. They say that cats and dogs usually never get along, but not those two, in fact they were the perfect combination. One Tuesday afternoon Sally the owner of Backy notice the daring adventure of this guy when trying to get chocolate milk for his little friend. When she saw those two together; from that they on Feed was no longer a street cat and together they were:

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