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Most of the times Remember this and that is a Really Cool Thing


Well let’s start. Two days ago I was honoring my Creativity Path that told me to allow myself to make mistakes so I did or I thought I did, but that is not the issue here. I posted one of my stories written in my own language (spanish) call: “La Leyenda de los Enamorados”; when I finished writing it I went to look for an image that could illustrate all of my words or at least most of them. I went to look for that precise image at Google. I searched by writing the name of my story in the search box; I found interesting images and then this one caught my eye, (by the way it wasn’t the one I ended using) there was something especial. I guess was because that the tittle of the article behind it used the same words as I did in my story with the small exception that the person who wrote added one more at the end of the sentence (“La Leyenda de los Enamorados Celestiales) Then I read the article and the context even though it was totally different from mine; it talked about love and valentines day as mine does, but there is more, the person who wrote it, his last name is Marín just like me. OMG!!!! Those were my exact words after discovered all of this. Here it is the Painting:enamorados_netaforas

Does this mean anything at all?


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