Today the Creative Path says


Hi There!

In the chaos maybe rises great discoveries


The Creative Path of today says: “Clean your work place and Have Fun.”
Having Fun I get it, but the cleaning I have my doubts about it; you see there was a day when I heard that there where out there people that could only work between the chaos and if you mess it up they will end up facing a wall
on the other hand, in my experience, when I clean sometimes I get to find new discoveries, I travel through time. I re-read things, I edit things (all related to writing), but I must confess that my basic cleaning is just that.
Other times when I clean my work place I cry; I guess it is because I get to be face to face with my past; but not to worry, it is not a cry of regret, at least not 100%.
Who knows, let’s have fun in a different way like the one I had when I put together a birthday gift for my mom’s friend.
Yeah! Finding gifts, ideas, it is in fact my thing. It is not about having money, it is is about how you spend it (this being a quote from Ugly Betty) The deal is in the details. My Mom didn’t know what to give her for her birthday so she asked me. The friend was born on this particular month (Valentines month); so I guess you can play around with the theam. I remember had seen a bottle of water with a cool mantra that said: “Water1359458873_EVIAN_610x360 is life is love is water”. While some would find it practical; I really think it is in fact original and this word it is a really cool adjective for a Birthday. You can play with this particular gift saying the following: “Because you are not like any other I give you this that matches your originality or uniqueness”, but I didn’t find the bottle when I went to buy it, then I saw this: A box of cookies, but the box is cool, has a painting, has this painting, but the gift was missing something and then I got hungry so the box end up empty so now what?
So I asked my mom: “What do you think about a treasure box? What does she like?” She didn’t know at first, but then she remember that her friend 205759_415413268542228_895942375_nlikes PENS so I went to buy her some cool pens, different ones, some, like 4 or 5 of them are totally green and on those I painted a  cool design with my sharpie and I wrote part of a poem by Neruda (A poet that the friend also likes). I also added to the box some mexican candy (the kind of candy that people don’t usually buy for gifts) It is all about being outside the box, being UNIQUE.




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