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Typewriting an old fashion method of expression

lazy_lover2Nowadays I have been a Lazy Lover of doing nothing with the exception of my ordinary and regular everyday responsabilities that I just can’t say NO to them, but here it is the thing; sometimes, most of the times in those moments of lazyness an IDEA comes to my head, an idea of writing. I don’t know if I had told you before, but I’m a fan of searching images on GOOGLE and create something out of them (but of course; most of the times it is just for fun), so yesterday I was playing with this word: WRITING and I was mixing it up with some other words like typewriter (Remember those old days of typewriting?) in the search box and I found the following pics101_5300 9729228-word-news-written-in-an-ancient-typewriter depositphotos_6730771-Typewriter dsc_0043-5 tumblr_mg2l7tHhzU1rnvzfwo1_500 typewriter1 Typewriter4 Typewriter5 images images (1) img_typewriter p1030660if8 typewriter2 typewriter_quote Typewriter-Writing-My-Truth Writer and then out of the blue an IDEA appears out of nowhere. I guess sometimes writers go after the writing and this is one of the ways how writing happens. Imagine this fellow entering into something new, walking through a door and on the other side discovers a world of typewriters with pages inside; the fellow sees the pages and stories start to happen. So on the following days that’s what I’m going to share with you: TYPEWRITING STORIES, to make you see that inspiration comes from everywhere and when you feel the need to write and nothing happens; you can make something happen; you just need the right ingredient. So let’s see what happens in the following days and I hope you join me on this JOURNEY by READING me or by CREATING your OWN THING inspired by THIS, so See you Later Aligators!!!!!!!!

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