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Hi There!

floral-pattern-piano-typewriter-vintage-writing-machine-Favim.com-79331The TypeWriters Stories or Articles as you want it to see them will start from this precise instant. The first one inspired by Hemingway would be one that I will let my feelings fly through my fingers and start typing and sharing; so here I go.


101_5300Most of the times I feel good, but there is always something that makes me wonder if I’m really happy, but guess what, no one out there is 100% happy all the time or do you know some one? I feel like a unique person, I don’t see at things like others do, but I bet most of those others can say the same thing. I feel like my writing is the best method for my sanity being rocking on. I don’t know what I am without my writing, I can be days without writing, but at the same time I’m not. Maybe I’m not writing stories, but I’m writing; especially when I’m posting my updates on facebook and other times I’m writing in my head, the bad thing about that is trying to translate it from my head to paper because most of the times sounds cooler in my head than on paper. Either way writing is my drug.addicted_to_writing_by_hope_is_overrated-d3apr6i


I promise that next time it will be a TypeWriter Story


Published by: sserrat

I'm the new black, but in color and that color is all the words that come up from inside my head. Fact: This Blog is for me to feel like a real writer. It's just like the feeling that the characters from the movie "you got mail" felt when those words appeared on the screen, that's how I feel when I clicked on P.U.B.L.I.S.H.E.D. That's just a great feeling. I can't see myself no writing in the sense of forever. Writing is magic and when you read me becomes true and when you comment starts to scream. I just love it. A place to be, to let myself go.

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