A gift for John


Hi There!

I love a Good Mysteryfloral-pattern-piano-typewriter-vintage-writing-machine-Favim.com-79331

depositphotos_6730771-TypewriterJohn, a 10 year old boy enjoys good mysterys and his father is always looking the way to give him one, but this time around the mystery brought into  John’s life a really great discovery that will allow him to find his own voice of expression. This time around when John woke up found at his desk an old typewriter with a page inside; there it was something written on it, perhaps a clue and it was: http://www and just that. Right away little John went to his Father to see if he had something else for him to solve the mystery, but the answer was a big fat NO. Never the less the Father add to the puzzle this idea “maybe the following of those letters on the paper is in the world that is around you”. This was a good mystery. That day little John decided to pay attention to all of the details of his day to see if there will be a letter or a word out there that wanted to pop up for him and just for him. Little did he know that was the way to solve this mystery. On the following days letters pop out of nowhere just for him and then the discovery appear: http://match-your-voice-to-paper.com Right away he went to see if there was something out there in the cyber space and he found that it was a blog made for him and on the front page a message: “Little John, my darling boy, this is for you. It is time for you to share with the rest of the world your greatest quality that is that you solve mysterys and your next mystery would be to find the password to this blog and then solve this other one to share with the worlddiary

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