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A Big Cheer is not always That Badfloral-pattern-piano-typewriter-vintage-writing-machine-Favim.com-79331

typewriter1Julie arrived Friday Morning into the City. It was her first time back home and to her this hometown of hers looked exactly the same. She went into her room and there it was, her old typewriter and to her nowadays it was just an old decoration and so she let out of her bag her laptop to start clicking into the letters and write the article that her boss demanded of her, trying to find what her boss Julia called: “Hometown Humor or The Girl Next Door” something that was missing in her everyday column. However when she started to be face to face with the screen; nothing happen, she was in blank and then started to rain, so she decided to leave it for tomorrow.
When tomorrow came and she woke up and went to her computer she noticed that her battery was dead and the rain took the power. With no lights she then decided to do something that she never does, she went to have breakfast. Her folks had everything ready for her just in case she decided to eat this time around, so she did and out the blue they started to talk around the table. It was such a great conversation that the afternoon came to surprise her and because she lost all of her morning talking she decided to continue the same pattern and loose all day and walk around her old hometown.
When she decided that; she decided that she wanted to do it with the company of her ipod, but this instrument decided to quit on her at the moment she clicked play, but by some mystery there it was on display her old walkman and it was still working, so she took it. Inside her walkman there it was a tape; she then remembered that she enjoyed and loved playing that tape over and over again. Listening to it was like traveling through time. For some strange reason while listening to her old music then the City looked kind of cool and everybody looked happy, She was happy.
When she returned home and went to her room she noticed her typewriter had a page inside that wasn’t there yesterday when she arrived home. She went to see if there was something written and there it was: “Hello Julie, it is so nice to see you!!!” She couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing so she read the sentence again and then she read: “Hi There! Remember Me?” She was going nuts but then she decided instead to play the game so she answered to the question: “Remind Me” and the oddest conversation started to happen and it became part of her column and her fist book as well.

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