This Year


Hi There!

Years come and go, but the good ones are the ones to embrace to the fullest every single day.

tumblr_mg2l7tHhzU1rnvzfwo1_500This is the year of the Book, the year of my Book, the year for my Voice to be heard, but how; that is the question, ok. I guess this is the way, by share it: My Story is this one: Not so long ago I was at the Library and a very especial book caught my eye right away after I saw its tittle that it is “No tittle at all”; How is that possible? I wonder, a book with no real tittle? or with that kind of tittle? That is something that you see at the museum or a gallery. So it caught my eye and I took it and guess what; the pages where in white. How is that possible? I said while clossing the book, is it written in invisible ink? So I opened it again and suddenly a sentence appeared and said: “No, that’s silly, invisible ink? I’m not a spy project you know” OMG!!!!! I said to myself or so I thought because then I heard a big shhhhhh!!!!! from everybody else at the library. So I took the book to where I was sitting on and when I arrived a handsome man was there as well, we made eye contact and I think he smiled, but anyway I opened the book and there it was a different sentence: “Make your move, make it happen”; so I asked quietly: “Make what happen?”, “With the guy sitting in front of you or do you need me to spell it for you? I can’t believe I’m about to do this (a thought that occured inside my head) and then when I was about to put my words into action the guy left. Afterwords I opened the book again and it said: “Henry has left the building”, Who is Henry? I asked and then the answer: “The guy that just left; his name is Henry. You see, you think too much, start thinking less and more action.” Then I got mad and said: “You know what, you are really rude!!!” and I guess I said it to loud, but what I caught was that everybody around me was looking at me like a nut case. So I opened the book one more time and there it was again a new sentence: “Ok. I apologize, you are not a nut case, but certainly you look like one, talking to a book, come on! Who does that? Write your thoughts down, write your reply on the page, that is if you want, either way I can read your mind.” I couldn’t believe it, I was starting to think that this was a joke, a trick and then the book said: “It is not a joke or a trick, it is happening and by the way there is a cute guy at 12 o’clock” and guess what; there it was a cute guy, what should I do? I thought and in the book it said: “Go for it, tell him about me” So I did because in fact I didn’t have anything to loose and then a laugh happened between the guy and me, in fact it happened all kind of stuff that we were kicked out from the library and while this was happening in the book there it was written: “And they live happily ever after….”Wedding Ornament - Happily Ever After Car

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