Here I am


Hi There!

Knowing where you are could be one of the greatest pleasures

images (1)I just can’t believe that today is my first day at this new job and that is exactly what I wanted since I have memory, but I guess soon enough I will wake up from this dream, but until then I will enjoy it, nothing wrong with that, right? I love everything that is related to this room, the walls, the people, the desks, the smell of the paper and especially that particular smell from the ink, for sure you know right away that this is the write room. This is where ideas happen and become something right away, this is the place where our thoughts have meaning, well at least until they get to the editor that likes to turn black into red ink, but with luck this new thing that I have it will get to you, my reader exactly as I wrote it because it is a sentence that you can’t change, words cannot be missplaced or interchange for any other one and they are: “In the write room words are waiting to exhale, so please help us kill the editor.” I really think the editor will get the message now and let us do what we can do, because we are great at it and that is writing.

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