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Hi There!

Sometimes is easy to start writing; I guess Hemingway would’ve agreedfloral-pattern-piano-typewriter-vintage-writing-machine-Favim.com-79331

typewriter_quoteThe day after tomorrow is going to be his wedding day and he says that he just had it with traditions; he says that is not fair that only the women out there have bridal showers, men should get them too. He gets the bachelor party and he can’t wait, but he wants it all. So he got this idea; normally on bridal shower is when the something old, something new, something blue and something borrowed come into place so he has decided that because we are in the bussiness of writing and he wants it all; then; on his groom shower we must come up with incredible stories and use that tradition as our own inspiration. In my own words I really think he is insane, but then again he is my brother and I love him. Everybody else agreed as well, but I guess it was because of all the beer that he promised to us in return. I can’t wait to read all the nonesense and especially I can’t wait for him to read mine.
There is nothing out there better than love, the love that you share with one another, but there is always something hidden that you discover in your wedding night if you ever get to experience one like the one my brother is going to experience tonight. There is something new on a particular spot, but that is all I will say. Nothing taste quite like a good mistery and I guess marriage is in fact the biggest old mistery of all. Sometimes I wonder if it is a blessing or a curse, but I want to believe that in this case is heaven on earth. On the other hand I’m a Little bit sad, because I see what I don’t have, well at least not yet. Well all the best on this new path that those two will embrace, but remember: “Journeys end in lovers meeting.”
With Love, Anna

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