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Words, a piece of cake or not?floral-pattern-piano-typewriter-vintage-writing-machine-Favim.com-79331

WriterA writer is someone that writes. Do you really think that? Let me tell you just now that if you do, that is in fact a Big Fat Lie. I know we write, what we are so much more than that; because if to be a writer would only mean that; it would mean as well that writing is a piece of cake when in fact is not. I know, I know sometimes there are writers out there that just sit face to face to a White page and incredible things happen right away, but are you sure? What if something happen before and that’s why, who really knows, as a reader do we really care? But I guess sometimes it happens, just like that. I had been in those shoes; one time I just woke up in the middle of the night with an idea and I wrote and I wrote and I wrote and I know I am the one saying it, but it was an incredible story and I say was because back then I didn’t have a blog, but I did have tecnology and I wrote that on my computer in some format call idiary and then my computer decided to break down and when they fix it; I lost everything, I had been in those exact shoes many, many times, well at least 3 to 4 times in my life.

In the past I didn’t consider myself to be a writer, but now I do, but I must confess that when someone ask me what is what I do; I still answer by saying the name of my major that is Pedagogy; when in fact is that what I do is write, that is because I’m unemploy at the moment. I guess, deep inside a part of me still thinks that a writer is someone that has been published, but guess what, I have been published, everytime I post in here I am being published. I guess that’s another way to see it.

My Mom says that I should be doing something with my writing, but I am, right? Isn’t this doing something real? I confess I’m 36 and I am a Writer547981_3548736003995_386912301_n


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