Just Because


Hi There!

Sometimes you can see it as a good sign or as nothing at all. It all depends on the perspective of how you see things.



This particular post happens to be on here because of my dear page Facebook. I’m the kind of gal this year that likes to change profile more often that is expected, one day is this image and other days is another one and each month there is a real photo of me, showing my face. But recently Facebook has been a pin in my butt in the aspect of changing profile’s photos; so I decided to do some writing instead of getting ungry.


I’m a work of art in progress because I want you to know all of my shades as a writer; I know mos of the times you won’t like it and for sure you won’t comment on it, but you know what I have realized that I am a writer so I’m not writing for you to like what I do; if you do that is great, but it is just a plus on the subject of writing because the truth is I love doing it you know. Besides if you don’t click like doesn’t mean that you are not Reading. If you don’t comment that’s ok too because on one hand I’m not so good with critic and on the other hand a like tells more right? Why comment just for the idea of commenting, that is just ridiculous, but feel free to do so if you like.

I’m also a work of art in progress because everyday I’m learning something; like the other day I went to the beach by myself and when I was coming back home I saw something that I wanted to take pictures of, but I was already on the bus; so last weekend I decided to go and take the pictures, but I decided as well for my daugther to be my model and because she doesn’t like that, I told her that she should see it as a job and that I will pay her. The thing is I’m also trying to teach her the importance of working and having your own money. But then, after a while of taking pictures and finished with that Project in my mind I created a new plan: A StoryBook with writing and pictures. I told my daughther the plan and because the job implies some ridiculous doing I asked her to charge me for photo and right away she said 35; but I negotiated with her and I think it would be less, but then again I will take her first charge, besides the plan can change and if not it will happen on November.

So see you later aligators with my posts stories in Spanish language, yeah! Lets rock on that


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