Conversations Between Strangers Part I


Hi There!

conversationSome time in the future will be Conversation Day, but today I will start sharing in advance what I consider to be Conversations out of the blue. Is it easy to start a conversation? If it is the Conversation between a girl and a boy does that make it easier or it could be just the same as it were girl and girl or boy and boy? I remember some momento in my life when I went out on certain blind dates and OMG! Most of the times it was hard to get it start it. I remember; me doing most of the talking, anyway lets start with what brought me here to write to you.


Hi There! Am I bothering you?

That’s a strange way to start a conversation

Does this mean that you would like to chat?

Aren’t we just doing that rtight now? It is totally wear, but we are, let’s continue with you giving me your name

What if we wait for that for another moment!?

As you wish, but I don’t get what is so wrong if you tell me your name, but anyway, that’s ok.

There’s nothing wrong as you said, but I don’t know I would like to give this conversation a Little bit of mistery

Wear, but ok

What is so wear about it?

Well, true be told, I feel like “doing it” too, so let’s go on!

Ah, do you mean deep inside something else with “doing it”? That is wear

What is so wear? Even though I don’t have any deep inside meaning

Well the truth is that for quite a while and more and more since we started this odd conversation I have this feeling of liking so much to do something right now.

Wait! Are we talking about the same thing here?

Do you want to find out?


So, do you want to?

Yeah! How do we start?

Is your feeling related to something yummy?

You could say that, so do I continue or you?

As you wish, you tell me

You, continue finding out what I would like to do next, what I feel like “doing it”

And there again with “doing it”, but ok, is your feeling related to the Word hot?

Yeah! I guess sometimes this feeling could turn into that word

I know this odd and illogical, but, does your feeling smell or taste like something?

It is possible, but I’m not sure, but I would like to find out

I’m quite sure what are you talking about and NO, we are not talking about the same thing,so let’s just STOP!

Hey! That’s not fair, why are you upset?

Because I know what would happen next if I go on and I would like to avoid it, I should go

No, don’t go, I like you, is it something wrong with that?

No, nothing wrong, but what about your “feeling like”

What about it? Look! I have a confession

Confess then, my child!!!

(He smiles) Well True be told, I just wanted to play the game, give it some juice as we say in Mexico to this game of words and finding out. I just like you, that’s all. I really don’t know when I started to mess it up

I guess we both did when we started with the “feeling like” and for sure your “doing it”

No I think it was when I told you that it probably has a taste or a smell and that I would like to find out and then out of the blue you got mad, so are you still leaving?

No, I’m totally and 100% in into this conversation

Really! Why is that?


No What?

I know where you are going with this and I don’t want to

Hey girl! Don’t see everything in black and White, these are just words, don’t turn them into something else

Ok., let’s start over

No, it is a Little bit late for that

Late! Why is that?

Because I can’t wait any longer to do this (and then a kiss happen)





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