A promise is a promise


Hi There!

But I’m not good at keeping them, but either way here I go again:

Lucy accepted a challenge; that meant for her to write a poem with the following characteristic: Embrace the number three. I guess you are thinking that this is totally ridiculous and yeah! you are right; she thought the same as well, but she added no way. So there she was face to face with White page and nothing, three hours went by just like that and nothing at all, then she turned the TV on and there it was the answer. Right away she went to the kitchen to see the newspaper and there it was still the answer in the movie adds section, she got dressed and when she came back home, she started writing right away before the idea decided to fly away and here it is:

I woke up believing
two hours later my heart
was wishing for something,
my eyes were looking
but not realizing
that there it was
until you appeared
with this crazy idea
that sounded deep in my heart
like a maybe.
What kind? I don’t know
but never the less
there was hope.
I got to know you
and don’t know if it was
your smile or the way that you talked
or all the things in between
but before sunrise
I was in love and at sunset
of the following day
you were too as well
it didn’t matter to you
the mess that you were
about to create.
Life went by and before
we knew it was midnight
and we found each other again,
we accepted that
our life will have
ups and downs,
that we will fight
or agree to disagree.
We are in love
and that is our thing.before-midnight-movie-poster-1


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