2 per the Price Of ONE


Hi There!

I have been bad because I haven’t written in my Blog for quite a while. Just imagine if I weren’t The Sunday Girl; that quite that I just mentioned (wrote) would be: For a long time. So that’s why today is two per the Price of one.

A Conversation between two girls (or perhaps just one?) One call Business and the other one call Passion.

Passion speaks first: “Hi there! What is going on?”


“Well I thought you were interesting in writing and now I see you every single day doing something else.”

“I see. Well, reality happens as always. You see I need to create my own way to survive this life I’m living, but I’m not so far away from the spirit of writing you know.”

“Is that so!?”

“Yeah! What is writing? No, I change my mind, what do you need to write? You need imagination, you need creativity inside you and you need Passion and that’s exactly what I’m using”

“So what is the job? Because I really don’t get it!”

“Let see, it is a little bit of everything or at least it will be; but at the moment, we (my partner and I) are creating visual material for English Teachers to use in their class.”


“It really is, because you see my job is to find the right image that explains what we want to teach, like per example; if I want to teach what it is to play the piano or what it is to back down or put up with, I find the image that goes along with all of that. Besides when I agreed with you that it really is interesting was because, when I am doing the search I find cool stuff on the web and most of the times; ideas pop up into my head. I say I could use this for a conversation class or on the surface I can use that particular image to share it in Facebook.”

“But wait a sec., writing is not  a job!”

“And you are right, writing is not that, you do it because you love to do it right?


“Well, I love doing this and when I’m doing it do you know what else happens?”


“It pops up this Conversation in writing”

Dear Readers of mine; I am on a new track and soon it will be some changes on this Blog because after discussing it and discussing it with my partner, we have decided to name our business: SSERRAT. I don’t know if you know it, but my name is MONTSSERRAT, that particular name it should be written with just one S, but bad spelling occurs everywhere, even in names. All my life I have been having trouble with this name of mine because lots of people don’t know how to spell it. The problem starts from the T because a lot of people forget to put it when they are writing my name, but the SSERRAT part is the part that changes a lot with every single one that tries to write it down and when I was a little girl; it didn’t help me that my name ended in RAT. I hated my name, but nowadays I like it, I love it. It is totally unique and for that reason this Blog came to be SSERRAT and that’s why I convinced my partner (my mom) to name our business exactly that.

Flashback while a movie was on

Well the other night I was watching this movie call: “Reading Writing & Romance.” The main character is an actor, at first he is just doing commercial adds, but that is not leaving substantial money in his pocket so he decides to accept the job to be a substitute teacher, he would be in charge of the theater and English class and guess what, he starts to love it. Suddenly I had a flashback and I started to remember something. When I was studying this major call advertising; I don’t know for what reason, I invented back then the story of a boyfriend who in fact was sudying Pedagogy (what later on became to be my major) and I invented that act classes were part of the curriculum. Don’t you find that crazy?

PS. I will still be your Sunday Girl Blogger, but at one point in the future this Blog will become the entrance of my new Business.



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