Dear Book


Hi There! Sometimes a writer has an idea for a story and sometimes if he/she is lucky can start rigth away to write it, but some other times like now a story is born, but that doesn’t mean that the story wants to grow. I guess the story wants to sabor every single stage of the road. 😉

Dear Book:

49 months ago you touched my heart in a way I couldn’t ever imagined. I just started getting to know you and I confess I was about to dump you when the 50th page arrived into my hands. On that page the main characters started getting the picture that love was out there, but they needed to love themselves first and then the love on the other side of the road for sure would fall into place in their lives. The 51 page was the start of that journey, there were ups and downs but at the end of the day they had a smile on their faces because they were thankful that they lived to see another day. On the 52 page you could see, read line after line that they were enjoying life to the fullest; of course there were tears, sad moments, days that they got angry, but then they realised the fact that, that is life. The 53 page was the start of travels, silliness and Internet café. On the 54 page I was starting to wonder if they were ever going to meet… be continued


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