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Hi There!

Sometime the act of reading doesn’t like reading; it feels like living it


So on the 55 page I enjoyed the characters under the same roof, on the Internet Café. They both asked for the same kind of coffee with a tiny difference; sugar and that’s how they met at the momento of complaining, love at first sight. After 56 minutes of what it seemed a conversation with no end, they decided to leave the café and walk and walk and they talk and talk. Into the conversation there were like 57 kinds of topics or maybe even more, true be told I got tired of the walk. On the 60th page they got tired too so they stopped at her place and they move on to a different kind of exercise, if you get the picture. On the 61, 62, 63 pages the same thing; after words I needed a cold shower. After 64 seconds of cold wáter all over my skin, I got dress and I was ready to continue my reading, then I got to the 65th page and I saw that reality fell into place between the pages, time to go back home, but…….to be continued


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