Hi There!

When our Reading becomes something unexpected; what a pleasure!!!


On that page you the unexpected happened, it turned that they were from the same city, that they live on the 66th Street, they were traveling on the same day and hour and here it is when it gets to be too much of a coincidence, they live in the same building. But that is not the unexpected thing that I was talking about; this is: In all of those 67 minutes here and there nothing all that fell into the conversation, who knows who started all of these facts, but at the momento they were there the magic went out the window. THE END


What a hell, that’s how it ends, why? I said out loud without realizing I was Reading the last pages at Startbucks; so suddenly out of nowhere says to me “is something wrong?” and I said “Damn right something is wrong, it should have ended like” and then words were not necessary to say I just kissed him and the wonderful is that he kissed me back………..kiss_more_by_tessart

It happens in the movies,

It happens in our readings,

It happens for real only on SundayGirl


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