Where are the Muses


Hi There!

“Everything comes from somewhere,” a teacher said

All the time ideas pop into my head, 70 ideas of writing, 71 one ideas to improve my everyday life and to leave the routines from it behind or 72 ideas of things to do for the business that I’m embracing nowadays. When I was giving classes ideas poped into my head as well of how to give them, like 73 of those more a less, but if they just pop out are they really coming from somewhere?

Per example in relation to my writing; I know, I know I have told you this following 74 times before, but please me and hear me out one more time ok? I wanted to conquer this guy and I decided to do it through writing, through poems, but I didn’t have words of my own or at least not yet, so I borrowed or stole some words from an old book and I fixed it with new words (new to it) and there it was a new poem, 75 poems. Then I had a broken heart and poems came coming and coming, I really don’t how many, 76? 77? 78? I really don’t know. Was this guy a muse without knowing it? (Makes a great idea for a book or movie, but remember to give me credit)

Later on when I saw a movie or I saw a really cute guy or I felt a breeze or I wanted to change what happened in reality; a poem came to be alive. Do you think in all of those moments there were muses around? Days, months were passing by and then I met this guy, in a really out of the blue way, his name was Axel (I wonder at this instant why I didn’t mention the other guy’s name) I felt magic around our meeting, on the next day we had a date and a kiss goodnight, but then nothing, he went away. After that a poet became a narrator, yeah! I started writing about us, about our meeting, but  I added like 80 or more fiction details. Was he a muse? I called him an angel named Axel and from that moment I started with the short stories and I am in the process of a novel, I didn’t forgot about poetry, but she (yeah! for me poetry is a she) appears only when love comes knocking on my door, are they muses?

Years happened, reality happened and then I kind of met Gregory and we started some kind of something and poetry came, but it came in English, a new language for me to write on and even though that love flew out the window I continued writing stories, but now in English or both of my languages, but guess what, poetry came by, for a visit and love was not knocking on my door, it was nice seeing her, sitting next to me like a good friend. It seems that love and writing are together in my own writing, but perhaps now that I just realized it I can change that, I may find 81 ways to find the key to write without having to have a guy in my life, but you know what, maybe they were muses but for me they just seemed like regular guys (really I’m steping into something here) You know, if you had asked me 82 days ago about muses, it would have been a different story from this one that I’m writing.

Yeah! 83 people have showed me that I don’t need to be in a relationship to write either poetry or short stories, they have showed me that as my teacher said, ideas come from somewhere and they can arrive to you at any time and then you have the power to do something or nothing about it and those 83 are you, my followers. I don’t know if you have noticed but all of my recent posts I have been written them with words and numbers and each number was one of you ’til I arrive now to the total of followers that I have now. You may or not read me all the time, but I thank you for being here.

PS. I recommend this Blog: http://syl101.com/ and this is the first of many that I will start recommending.


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