Starting a New Path


Hi There!

Starting a New Path turns sometimes good, other times bad, but either way is better than wonder about it.

998127_10201317741092444_1775683999_nSunday girl started her path. She started picking themes to display. The first one that poped up into her head was READING and REWIND & REVIEW came next. CHALLENGE could not wait to appear on the show that was being played on SSERRAT ROAD. Even though MOM and STORYTELLER were already there; Challenge stole the show by making no sense when she started to talk, no sense at all. WORKING OUT came knocking on the door really strongly on the following day and BLOG and CHAT came with her. The themes have been picked, said the Sunday Girl. They have been picked in a silly way perhaps, but there’s this thing you got to understand about this girl; she likes to have fun, but if you did not catch the names of the themes soon to be on sserrat’s blog; here you have them: Reading, Rewind&Review, Challenge, Mom, Storyteller, Working Out, Blog and last but not least: Chat.


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