What is your Name?



Hi There!

When one runs into friends two things can happen: Memory trouble or ideas come up.

Sunday girl was enjoying herself, enjoying her time alone at her favorite cafe when suddenly a familiar face appeared out of no where. “Hi there! Remember me?”

“Yes, of course, how are you doing?” (but Sunday didn’t remember her at all, she was just thinking, “keep talking; maybe then I remember you”)

“I’m doing great, amazing, I just can’t believe my luck, ironic right?”

“What do you mean?” (in her mind Sunday was just dying)

“Forget about it, I guess while talking to you a flashback came into my head, but what about you? How are you doing?” (Do you want the truth? I was doing just fine before you came along and now you are stealing my wonderful and short time alone and by the way I am the one in need of a flashback not you) “I´m doing just fine. Do you want some coffee?”

“Yes, but I’m not interrupting anything right?”

(Only my thoughts) “Not at all! Why would you say that? Hey Josh, can you bring us two coffees, please?”

“Working two coffees”

“So, are you still blogging” (So you are from my University years because that’s when I started blogging) “Yes, of course now I do it every single Sunday you know” -then Josh came with the coffees and suddenly he kneel down and said-

“I’m so lucky!!!”

“What did you say?” -Sunday asked-

“Nothing, I just found a Penny” -Suddenly, at that moment in Sunday’s mind 2+2 turned into FOUR, at that precise instant she figured out her friend’s name and she owed it to Josh, so she stood up and kiss him. Then she went back to her conversation, well in fact, it was her friend’s monologue, but Sunday didn’t mind, in fact while her friend was talking she got an idea…to be continued

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