Hi There!

When you have a story; just tell it because you never know.


Sunday Girl was in an old days mood; so she went to look for her dear diary tunes. Just like that life came in a flash knocking through walls and papers. Suddenly one instant memory knocked really loud into her head, it turned out to be the voice of her Mother saying loud and clear: “If you could only write your stories as you tell them, that would be really something!” then back to the present, back to the moment when Sunday Girl is seeing her reflection in the mirror and saying out loud: “Is this a sign?” I guess I need to rewind the story like two weeks ago and tell you why she is asking herself that question. It was girls night out, well at least that’s what they were trying to do, meaning one of her friends was not able to leave the house just because her little kids were not asleep just yet. Sunday Girl and the other girls couldn’t understand what was the big deal, what was the difference between leaving the kids asleep or leaving them awake; after all they were going to be with Daddy, but for Janire was a big deal, the problem was the goodnight kiss, but the kids didn’t want to go to bed, they were really awake, it was like they knew that Mommy was trying to have some fun without them. It seemed like it was going to be a long night and no girls night out at all until aunt Sunday decided to tell the kids a Story and asked Daddy to bring some hot chocolate milk (between you and I it was more milk than chocolate) She started telling the story; from the beginning to then she got the kids and also the girlfriends were into it, the story got to an end there was still no girls night out but in because the only one asleep was Daddy. Of course at certain point of the night the kids fell asleep, but it was too late to go out and then Janire told Sunday: “You should put that story on paper” and Sunday just couldn’t believe what her ears were hearing and said: “You are kidding, right?”

“Why? I’m not, the story is really good”

“Unbelieveable! You didn’t think that last week when I showed it to you”

“It cannot be the same story!”

“It is, just take a look” -Sunday show her the story-

“Well my friend, I see it, but I still say it’s not the same story. I guess the way you tell it makes it more interesting to me.”

Back to the present, then the reflection in the mirror comes alive and gives herself a mic………to be continued


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