Working Out



Hi There!

Working out: An Exercise or just an expression


Sunday girl likes her curves (like I do) naked or with clothes but that doesn’t mean that healthy issues are not knocking on her door. Working out is not a thing she likes to do, but when she saw that cute guy over there at the gym; she couldn’t wait then to work out a little bit too.

That is just a short story, but working out, what does that mean? It all depends on the context that we use it right? Isn’t fascinating how two simple words can open a world of different actions from one person or two or I don’t know how many.

Take a Look:

Nowadays I’m working out on a project call my own BUSINESS (soon you will know about it). On this particular project I am a searcher. I search and search for ways to make ESL more interesting in the classroom. I search and search, but my heart is working out on something else and that is also searching; searching for ideas for me to reach you. You could say I am a work in progress in my life and in my Business. I am also working out (exercise) to get to look like in the old days. I don’t know, I look down and I see the old me, my old body, but then the mirror says other wise, why? I don’t know. Then again, I know I am beautiful.

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