Hear me out



Hi There!

The why justifies the reason


Raised hands holding photocamerasHear me out. Here is the deal that tells the story related to my last post. So the other day I was on Google searching for art images when suddenly one caught my eye. I went into its page to see if there were other paintings quite like that one and to see  and learn who was the creator of such a beautiful painting, his name: Hessam Abrishami. The names that he gave to some of his paintings were just irrisisteble. I felt right away the need to steal them, to make them my own as tittles for new stories to be written as part of my storytelling journey. Yeah! I just couldn’t resist to the temptation of doing it. At the precise instant of looking at those tittles on the paintings; many words poped into my head, like a guide thing towards a future new story to write, to tell. So wait for them. I don’t know when I will write them for  later share them with you. I guess the words will tell me.

to be continued


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