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To be Art or Not to be Art; that is the question


What is Art? That is a really good question; is there someone out there that can really answer it and be 100% sure that what you are calling art it is in fact art? I heard once that NO ONE can call something art until someone says it is, but who is that someone? True be told when I was young I thought Art was the short version of my uncle Arthur, everyone in my family call him by that name, but let’s get real, do you really know if this or that is art? If you google the word art you will find that the general definition is that “Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” On the other hand you will also find next to the word that you are looking for a word that makes that one into a more complicated drama and that is that “Art is Controversy”. Let’s get real, the reality is that this or that CAN be ART and also this or that CAN’T be ART; it really all depends on the person that you are talking to or on the situation that you are in. But you know, I really think that the best way to see it is that if it makes you feel something, good or bad, that is in fact SOMETHING or you could also see it this way Art is Subjective, Abstract, Art sees beyond what the eyes see. Art is also figuring out, oh yeah! I really think that the main ingredient of the ART WORLD is FIGURING so figure this out. You see the other day I went out to get some groceries, I decided to walk, I decided also to start listening to some music and suddenly when those decissions came together; my eyes started wondering, they saw something and they demanded to my hand to do something so my hand made the decission of taking pictures but the interesting fact of the story is the course that this action took from beginning to end. Figure it out yourself, come, take a look:

Foto0220 Foto0233 Foto0239 Foto0241 Foto0243 Foto0245 Foto0248 Foto0252 Foto0253 Foto0255 Foto0257 Foto0260 Foto0267 Foto0270

to be continued


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