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Hi There!

The way you see things is a way of how something can become art . That is if you decide to see it that way

The other day I was talking to you that Art is everywhere, that no one with certainty can say this or that is art or not. I guess it is because art is subjective, but if memory is failing you just take a look over here and take a look at what I was talking about the other day. So now, let’s continue. The other day I took a photography road by taking pictures of nature, but suddenly it became something else just because of the way I took the picture, moreover because of what I decided to take from the Nature that I was looking at. Precisely because of that is how today’s post is being born. I don’t know if this happens in your City, but over here where I live there is no way to avoid all the stuff that people print on walls. That particular picture journey day I saw something that caught my eye in a very unusual way; you could say that I saw beyond what my eyes could see. It was a graffiti but it also looked like a word in another language, like from Asia so I took a picture. I really don’t know if the one that did it was in an art motion mood or he or she just felt like doing something and that’s how it came out to be, but  at the moment I took the picture I decided to transform it into the thing that I was really seeing. After I took the picture I used a tool from my phone and I turned it into an “oleo painting”. Then with the help of my computer I rotate the picture and then I cut around it and I put some green color instead and I think I also flip the image in an horizontal way and it became this; I hope you can see the Dance Motion that I see between a grownup and a kid…..Foto0358


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