Eternally Maya


Eternally Maya

Hi There!

You get inspiration from something to do something else, but if you let a little space in between that something else turns to be totally different as you thought it the first time you got inspired


Oh yeah! That’s exactly what is happening. My name is Montsserrat and I’m glad that is mine, but the point is I’m the kind of person that is always looking and searching and I love to travel through Google. I love the way just one click can take you to here and there. A month ago or so a subject that I was searching for through google images took me to this page of wonderful paintings with titles that caught my attention. They knocked loud and clear into my head and said: “Make us into Poems” and I have been doing exactly that; but today when I was sitting down face to face with the tittle “Eternally” a painting by Hessam Abrishami; I couldn’t stop thinking about Maya. I hope you like it and so do you Maya Angelou (wherever you are in the sky, say hello to my Grandma and by the way my dear Dr. Maya I hope you forgive me that I took one of my favorite quotes of yours for my own kind of creation. Please enjoy)……


Eternally is the voice
of the one
that cannot quiet down
the words inside her mind.

People may forget what she said,
forget the way she looked
that night
or what she did that moment
in time;
but for sure they will never,
ever forget the way
she made them feel.

They felt in an eternally moment
where everything had meaning,
where everything tasted like joy,
they just couldn’t stop smiling
and dancing all around the floor.

At that moment in time
she was eternally herself.


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