Art in Pictures



Hi There! Did you miss me?

Art is such a complicated word because it is what it is just because of what one eye sees and what one eye creates. Get the picture?


I know it has been a while, but you may remember that I have been talking about photography. I’ve been talking to you about the way we take pictures and what we take through our lense; we can transform, disfigure, create something totally different from what we are seeing with our eyes and that’s because, I guess, our creative eye sees beyond reality. Anyway, what I have learned in my journey of photography is this: I can say that this or that is art because I see it that way (but of course that’s just my opinion), so nature for me is art, because that’s what I took on this particular journey. I learned that if you take a picture of one piece you can create other images or you can get “what a hell is that?” when you put on display the picture and that’s why because we only pay attention to the whole thing and not to the pieces that creates that “whole thing”. On this journey I saw an elephant through a tree as you saw in another post. I saw shadows, monsters, dancers, a man playing a saxophone, a breast and legs of a very strange something. I saw the eye of a bird, I saw its nest. I saw medusa coming out from a tree, I saw nature surviving through the pieces of paper and other stuff that menkind throw away. I saw a little girl about to tell me stories of everything that I had seen. I saw art on display; nature help me to see it that way and I just can’t wait to my next photography journey and tell you all about it. Now the big pic of everything I said. Do you see what I saw? What do you see?



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