Ideas Out there



Hi There!

Ideas come at any time and I mean at any time, yeah! even when, well you know. They come and who knows how they will be displayed.

Ideas come from here and there,
ideas come at any time,
at any place;
just imagine if they were
a real person in disguise…
What a pleasure or OMG!!!!

Ideas come from North to South
or even from East to West.
You can feel them on your toes
or being loud inside your head.

Ideas come and they can walk;
you figured that
because you feel them
on your skin
tickleling you a thought.

Tickleling you a thought
that comes jumping out
in lots of words,
in lots of words.

They walk through your hand
they seem that they want to write
a poem, a story, a song
or even more, who really knows.

They walk through both of your hands
they seem that they want
to take a picture or to paint.

They don’t seem quite sure
about what is the next step
so they keep themselves still
inside your head.

They are so noisy
you just can’t quiet them down.
They sound like they were
in a really bad
reality talk show.

And this is a silly idea
on how ideas work
and I really do hope
that I was able to draw
figuratively speaking
on your face


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