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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You may forgive me, but I have always thought that that is a silly sentence, but then again a recent action told me loud and clear that I was wrong, that in fact it is sadly 100 % true, I say sadly because beauty is beauty. I really believe we were born to be beautiful and Nature just like us was meant to be beautiful too, right? Tell me, if you are not what you used to be that should suddenly mean that you have a different tag, meaning, that there is no longer beauty on you? If you are different does that mean that you can’t be beautiful? But let me start from the beginning. A couple of days ago while I was waiting for the bus I saw something that caught my eye. There it was a lady holding a bouquet of flowers and I don’t know why, but when I saw that, I smiled. In a matter of a second that smile was totally erase by that woman when I saw her do what she did. She threw the flowers in the garbage, those beautiful flowers. Why did she do that? I wonder. Then I thought, perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me. Maybe, that didn’t happen, but sadly it did. I was  in front of these beautiful flowers and seconds later I noticed that perhaps they were not what they used be, but if you had seen this bouquet you would had seen that there was still color. The flowers called me to pick them up. I heard little voices that told me, “we are alive, don’t reject us just because we are different, just because some of us are not what we used to be. I promise that there is still beauty inside us, can you see it? If you give us a chance we can still bring you joy. We are not in our last minutes of breath, can you hear our beep beep boop? Well, at least not yet.” So I took them. I took them home, I found a vase for them (of course I added the water first) I saw that some of the flowers were catching their last minutes of breath, but for some reason they were BEAUTIFUL to me. That’s how THE ART FACTOR came to be, but that is a story for another Sunday. Come next Sunday and I will start telling you all about it. See you then, but before I go let me show you the flowers that I saved……

Foto1410   Foto1411 


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