Testing a theory



Hi There!

A hidden story in the tittle and perhaps I will tell you later all about it and in the mean time…..

The process of writing something, anything at all for pleasure, for good reason or none what so ever. An Idea pops into my head. She or He (it all depends) embraces me inside a story that perhaps I need to tell. Here I am; before this white screen and says: “so, are you writing or not?” Well, I really don’t know -I replied- The idea poped a while ago because as I said before, ideas pop at any time and at any place so, to get from that moment to the paper (or the white screen) sometimes takes a while to happen. Once I heard that if you feel like writing, if you feel the need to write; just do it. Let the words fly through your hands. So, I start doing exactly that. A writing appears out of the air. I feel proud and I decide to publish it, I do it. Seconds later for some reason I decide to read it and while doing it I feel the need to fix some things, but while doing it, it changes again. Now I’m pleased with it and I can’t wait for someone to read it, but deep inside I don’t want to because “what if they don’t like it. What if there is no reader for my writing. What if I cannot handle the critics” -all of that beeping in my head- but then again I would like someone to read it besides me because after all I am my worst critic. So this need is beeping and beeping so I show it to someone to read it and instead of just reading it all, this person starts saying what is wrong with it, meaning that this or that is grammatically incorrect. At the end she says that she liked it, but I should fix this and that. I just don’t get it. I just don’t like it. Why didn’t she say the like part first. So after some breathing I see and say “ok, she may be right after all she is an English Teacher.” I start fixing the mistakes, but sometimes I just can’t do it. I mean, if the mistake is not about some misspelling I take my chances and I don’t change it because after all I do believe some things are just part of my style. Is that so wrong? I don’t think but perhaps we may agree to disagree, ok? Sometimes as a writer I go with the melody of the words and it is that precise melody that turns me into a stubborn human being and I just can’t do it. How is it for you?


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