Flowers, TODAY wanted




Hi There!

The beauty was there, the art was hidden and it starts to be seen when one flower falls

Unnoticed beauty was our last Sunday meeting and now it is time to continue with the story. It seemed that the flowers were happy to be home, but little by little the color of each flower started to be kind of off, so I arranged them in a different way and suddenly they were born again, but then one of them fell. The reality was this violet rose fainted before my eyes, then three more flowers decided to do the same. I know it sounds silly, but it looked that way. I guess they were in their last minutes of breathing. I tried my best to get them back to the way they were, but it was useless and then without warning, out of nowhere my son comes and cuts them off. Meaning he separates their bottoms from the rest of their bodies. He says that he was taking away their suffering and then he left while I stood there. I was sad to look at them in that state, I needed to do something, but I didn’t know what and suddenly an ART ATTACK came knocking on my door.

I opened the door and at the moment I decided that, certain things around me started screaming. It was like they were saying “I want to be art, I want to be art, let me be art.” My eyes went directly to my memory bottle that contains memories from my days at the beach. Then I looked outside my window and I saw tons of leaves so I went out and pick them up and just like that an ART MOMENT was born. I started making art with these beautiful tools and right away my camera started screaming too and for sure I could hear her say: “Let me be part of this project, let me take the pictures, let me capture these moments.” That’s how I can show you what happened next:

      Foto1414  Foto1419  Foto1422  Foto1481  

Foto1482 - Copy 



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