Artistic Trip



Hi There!

A combination of thoughts came together!!!

Just the other day I was walking down the street of my neighbourhood, at first I was just walking straight ahead without looking. You see when I left my home that afternoon it was because I felt a need, a desire to leave the house. It was like the outside was calling me, but why? After I closed the door behind me I just started walking; suddenly a noise got my attention, broken glass and the voice of a lady telling another one “be careful.” I started to wonder what they were doing. It seemed like they were looking for something in the middle of many bottles. Then one of the ladies said “this one?” and the other one replies “no, that’s not it. Keep looking.” If you had asked me all the bottles looked the same. After minutes and minutes of looking at them, finally, they found THE BOTTLE. Then I said to myself “now what?”, well they just left the scene with it, but I noticed that one of the girls took a picture of the scene that they left behind. But I guess I arrived at the end of their “treasure hunt” because the girls and I were not so far from the bottles scene that we left behind when suddenly they stopped walking and one said to the other one “let’s meet tomorrow at this hour at Bryan’s Park” then both of them went their own way. I was starting to be so curious that it didn’t matter to me that curiosity killed the cat, but the only problem was that “I didn’t know where in the hell was Bryan’s Park” and I guess I said it out loud without knowing, because then an old lady told me “Girl, calm down. Bryan’s Park  is just around this corner.”



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