Day One



Hi There!

Sometimes you like something so much that you want to be part of it; even if it is just from the distance.

Sitting in the chair
here are the thoughts
that right away
came up inside my head
as noisy as
you can guess.

I want to do it,
this is what I was waiting for,
I believe in this,
I need to do it
let’s go.

I’m so excited,
I just can’t wait
to start with this project,
just tell me what is next.

I believe in me
this is a piece of cake;
this is what I do
almost everyday
without any kind of pay.

What an excellent idea!
This is what I want to add
if that’s ok,
this is my vision
I just don’t want you to take it away.

Here it is your work,
this is what I can do with it.
That may change some words,
some sentences here and there,
but then again it will be
your work on display,
but in my way.

Let’s just start
because time is flying fast.


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