Artistic Trip II



Hi There!

Sometimes the unnoticed is very noticeable by the eyes of certain people

Artistic Trip

So I turned around the corner as the old lady said and I couldn’t find any park, but then I realised that Bryan’s Park was the name of the street. “There must be a story behind it” -I said to myself- but at that moment in time I was more interested about the girls’ story. So I went home to wait for tomorrow to come. Tomorrow was here and there they were. They were inside a space that was in the middle of two houses with thousands of leaves on the ground and in the corner there was a small sandbox or something that looked quiet like it. One of the girls -let’s call her “A”- asked the other one -let’s call her “B”- “Did you bring it?” “Yes. Did you?” -B replied- and A said yes as well. At that precise moment, I that I wasn’t part of the team, but just a hidden spectator didn’t understand at all what they were saying, but little by little I started to get it. Right away the girls started picking up some leaves and put them inside a bucket and I guess they got enough because immediately they went to what it seemed to be a sandbox. Suddenly I saw that A brought back the bottle that they picked up yesterday and B was carrying a small bag. She showed A really slowly all the things that she brought by picking out each item one step at the time from the bag and then she asked A “Now what?” “I think C R E A T I O N comes in, can you feel it?” -B replied- So they started with the creation. Back then I wished to be above them to watch more clearly what it seemed like an amazing creativity in motion. After 30 minutes of work B said “finished, now take the picture” “I didn’t bring my camera” -A replied and added- “I thought you were going to bring it this time” “I was, but because you always bring it even though I say I would; I lend it to my brother and now what?” And that’s when I introduced myself to them. I figured that they would be mad that they were being watched, but then again maybe they would forgive me because after all I was carrying a camera with me…..



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