Artistic Trip III



Hi There!

You can become friends, good ones, just like that

Artistic Trip II

I was right, well, at least one of them got mad that I had been watching them do stuff, but then again, deep inside, both of them were pleased that I was there with my camera. Deep inside they were also happy that nothing of their art work was going to be wasted and because I had that feeling; that’s why I started to take pictures without they even asking me to do so and I said “This is so cool! I could have never guessed it, that the bottle from yesterday was going to be use this way.” To that A said “What do you mean by when you said the bottle from yesterday? Have you been following us all this time?” Right away B tried to calmed her down and I was so into the art that I was seeing through my lens that I didn’t hear a word A was saying. A calmed down but she still wanted an explanation so I told them my story, I told them I got really curious and that I couldn’t help it, I needed to follow them. Then I said “and by the way I’m an artist too.” “And I guess you think that makes it all better and that excuses the fact that you have been spying on us.” -A replied- That’s when B decided to bug into this not so good conversation by saying “Ok. It is not a good excuse and it doesn’t justify the watching us, but then again Isabella is not a big deal. You know just the other day I heard about a really good coffee shop and guess what, it is just around the corner and I bet it is a really good place to start over and tell each other our  A R T   S T O R Y, what do you think?” and before Isabella and I had a chance to answer B said “I knew we all agree, so let’s go and by the way when we get there I want to be the first to tell my story” “Beatrice, why do you always have to be the first one to talk?” -Isabella replied- And before Beatrice could said anything at all; Isabella said “Don’t tell me. I think I already know, I bet it is, because I said so, right?” “Oh, you know me sooooo well!” “Are you always like that” -I asked- “I guess” -they both said it at the same time- afterwards they started laughing and all of us started walking towards the cafe…..



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