Artistic Trip IV



Hi There!

I guess this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Where have I heard that before?

Artistic Trip III

When we arrived at the Cafe, Beatrice, as she said started talking first. Because I had heard her story before I was not really paying attention to her words; what I was doing was trying to read between the lines on her face. Yeah!  All the lines across our face tell the story of who we are and I wanted to know hers, the story of this stranger that appeared out of no where. Her body language didn’t say much. She was really listening to Beatrice’s story. My friend then finished so I said “Let’s, what’s your name?” “Oh yeah! Where are my manners?” “I don’t know, do you?” -that was my comeback- and that’s how she started, by saying her name first. “My name is Monty, well I’m an artist as I said before. My passion is painting, but nowadays I do all that in secret. It all started a couple of months ago, but before that I enjoyed it very openly, but my big mistake was to open my mouth to my parents and tell them that I wanted to be an Artist, to live through my art. They didn’t care before that because they thought it was just a very strong hobbie, but when I said out loud what I wanted to do with this gift of mine, they said a BIG FAT NO. They took everything away from, all of my tools, my books, I just saved like three of them, they took away my work of art that I had done. A few days after all that happened I found little bottles of paint that I guess my Dad didn’t see when he took everything. Suddenly I don’t know why I was hiding myself under my desk. I looked up and that’s how I started with my secret art.” “But that’s just the beginning I hope soon you tell us the rest of the story, isn’t that right Isabella?” “Yeah!” I could have never guessed it, to hear this kind story from her. I understood the feeling. My parents also think I’m a nut case. They really think that my kind of photography is taking me nowhere. I got tired of listening to them. So to shout them off I took a job at walmart as a photographer…..


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