A story born from a PhotoChallenge



Hi There!

Ideas always come from somewhere

Once upon a time it was Papa and son groceries shopping day and I asked my little kid to bring me some cookies from the store. When I said that he got so excited and when he and Dad returned I knew why. He thought I meant the Cookie Monster besides this guy was carrying a little bag of cookies. When I saw the two of them together, they looked so cute that I wasn’t able to get mad. Years went by and my little fellow grew up. On his last day, before he went to college I asked him to get me some cookies. This time around he went directly to the kitchen cabinet and when he opened it; instead of finding the box of cookies, he found his little Cookie Monster. When he saw him, it was like going back in time. Suddenly there he was; my little fellow playing with his own little fellow, so I let them be. Later on I said “what about my cookies?” and just like that he answered “don’t worry we will get you your cookies.” They looked so cute together, but this time I wasn’t able to avoid saying “honey, are you sure you want to take the doll with you” and he right way told me “Mom, he is not a doll; he is my friend” and so he and Cookie went to buy me some cookies and just like that time when he was a little kid; he arrived, with something else besides the cookies. He arrived home with the cutest little white dog, whom by the way was carrying the Cookie Monster inside his mouth. It seems that the dog fell in love. On the following day my son went to college and I got stocked with my two beautiful cookies. Days went by and one day I went to look for Cookie, the dog, and I found him on the couch hugging the Cookie Monster but this guy didn’t look so little any more.  Was I loosing my mind or perhaps my sight, but no, I was seeing clearly. I guess it was the love of Cookie the dog who help the Cookie Monster finally grew up.


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