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Hi There!

Life is a road with lots of ups and downs. On a blog the story is the same, up meaning grow or moving on or finding a new idea, a new project and down meaning I am stocked. 

Well it has been like two years and a half since I started writing here, having this particular blog. I started with a plan and right away I changed my mind. But then again one thing that was here from the beginning has continued being here and that thing is my HEADLINE. Later on or right away after I started it I got my first crazy idea. Just because I saw this post about 49 doors I decided then to write a story for each of those words. Some of the stories were successful and the other ones, well, they just didn’t find a reader, I guess that day, the reader was doing something else. I’ve been giving opinions, sharing stories and poetry, but the crazy ideas are on the top of the list. Sunday Girl was the following theme thing and I introduced her to you just because I was not going to be able to write every day. I remember that later on I wrote a story of how Sunday Girl became to be that exactly name. Also months before 2014 finished  I started a new way to see my blog because I created sections and those sections became stories. Then I shared with you my love for creating something out of nothing and instead of just showing it to you I’ve been posting about it. But that idea got stocked in the middle of the road. Nowadays, my most recent project is the one that was inspired by another project that I am doing in my own language on facebook. A project that is about writing a story with one word per day, a story of one year in the making. The interesting part of this particular story is the changes that happen and the words that get eliminated on the way. Because of that project I created the one I’m doing here on this blog that is about a series of short stories, the curious thing is that the first story was made with one word and the second one with two words and so on and so on. I started this last project on the first day of February; so at the end I will have 334 stories and I think it will have 334 words (I hope I made it). Now I’m thinking that when I finish I will go back to those precise stories that you, my readers, said like and start working on them and make them into long stories, I guess or perhaps into novels, who knows, the sky is the limit, right?

Your comment matters; helps us grow, helps me

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