Without any notice



Hi There!

It is not that I want to. It is not that I don’t want to, but without any notice an idea for a writing challenge, an idea for something to write over here gets into my head and I gotta do it. Am I addicted? I think I am, but addicted to what? I will let you decide that.

All writers have a process of writing right? But do they follow it to the letter? That reminds me of a story that I wrote a long time ago. The main ingredient was that an apartment was always occupied by artists of any kind. I mean, one move out and another came and it was just that apartment. Strange, right? Another idea in that same story was that all the artists that lived there were kind of messy, but it was in fact the messiness that brought them the creativity, without that mess, they were just people. On the other hand I believe I’m jumping far away from the subject of this post that is that even though I do believe all writers out there have a process of writing; there is no written rule on stone that that is the only way. Am I doing it again? I mean, am I writing in circles? I am, right? Okay, here I go again: All writers have their own way, but that doesn’t mean that their writing happens exactly that way. Let’s talk about my case. Well I do have many ways to get home. Exactly! Writing is home to me. I can get to it by just writing and writing. I get there by looking at a picture, by listening to a song, by watching a movie, by the words of someone else. I always see it coming, but these times around I didn’t it just happened and today it happened again. So far, since February first I’ve been writing everyday over here, little short stories. But I continue to have my Sunday Issue because in fact those short stories are part of a challenge that I came up with and they are also, the brother, the sister, the mother, the father, the aunt, the uncle, the husband, the lover, the mistress, the memory of another challenge that is happening on my personal facebook page. But as I said before I’m the Sunday Girl or Lady (it all depends on the mirror that I look myself at) and guess what my Sundays Issues are going to be a Challenge. Yeah! I didn’t see that coming until it was before me. You see I was thinking about writing a short story of a writer that writes in public and suddenly I found myself saying NO to that idea and just like that out of the blue it came the word Bucket list (what a great movie) an idea came out. I found these images of different goals to do as a part of a bucket list and I thought why not writing a story about or related to what is written on the image. This particular Sunday Challenge will start on the first Sunday of April until there are 23 stories, but is this like being written on stone? Well, would see how it goes. What is a fact is that next Sunday or the following after that one at the latest I will post a Story that I owe you, but remember I do also have my Just Because Issues. Well see you later alligators, hope to see you, read you, having a conversation or debate with you, whatever happens first. Now go and enjoy that movie, you won’t regret it. 


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