The Letter



Hi There!

Promises sometimes can be as they are and some other times they just can be a glimpse, but that is at least something right?

Something is at least something. That is better than nothing. On this day, my day and the day of so many others out there. Yeah! I’m talking about you, my dear WOMEN, Happy Woman’s Day. On this day I have come to the conclusion that I cannot do it all, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t try. Trying is good, right? Well here I go: These following Sundays of March you will see the story of that day, that is a part of a series of stories, they are part of a challenge that I started on the first day of February. But I will post only that. No Sunday issue will be written. In the mean time I will take a travel, I will go back and on the first day of April I will bring to you The story that I didn’t finish on the last days of 2014. I may not do it like I planned on those days, but at least I will let you know the story of Monty, Beatrice and Isabella. On the first Sunday of April as I think I mentioned it before I will start with my BucketStoryList Challenge. And on my second mean time let me use the words of Maya Angelou to cheer you, yeah you, WOMEN out there; Phenomenal Women.



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