This is the Deal



Hi There!

Sometimes we need to accept the facts and then, move on

Sunday Girl talking to you from my spot that is exactly in front of a square window where I can see a tree changing seasons well at least from Fall to Summer and then from Summer to Fall and from this spot I tell you that I will continue writing. I may not be in a Writing Challenge Project Mood, but for sure I am in the Writing tune. Those Stories that I have on hand, those that I talked to you about on my last Dear Reader post I will share them over here but I will do it randomly or in order or whatever and you for sure will notice that they are the stories that belong on the series of short stories from that project that at the moment I won’t longer continue.

Even though that falls into a broken promise path; never the less I will try my best to made up to me, yeah to me! Because I am the only one that lost here. It was a challenge that I created out of the blue to help my grow as an artist, as a writer. I thought it was an interesting challenge. I liked that part of the process when I got so frustrated that I wasn’t getting what I wanted. I liked it because I was creating stories out of the blue. Of course sometimes they were not so out and that is just for the fact that I was at that moment remembering something from my past and writing about it. As they say, life is a story, right?

But, where do I go from here? Well, I know I break promises, but not all of them you know. On April first you will see in action and you may read, share even or perhaps this time around you give me a surprise and you comment on it. Yeah! I will be posting the story of Beatrice, Isabella and Monty. Also on the first Sunday of April I will be posting my series of stories from my BucketListStory Challenge and I don’t know when, but I hope is soon I will type a story in honor of a good friend named Jorge, but I need to start working on that because I want it to be perfect and I know that Writing shouldn’t be about being perfect, but let’s just say that I want this story to be more than just an okay story.

I am also in the process of accomplish this photo challenge

show and as you can see (if you can see) there are some parts on this particular photo challenge that are writing and those I will share them over here. Well I think that’s just that for the moment. See you later alligators!!!


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