Fake it until you make it



Hi There! How are you doing?

Yeah! Sometimes you need to fake it to make it. I am calling this “chicle y pega” because you start doing, you start believing it so then you will achieve it.


It has been a long time since I’ve been a constant blogger; meaning blogging like I used to. I want to go back to that; I want to continue being your Sunday Girl. So why am I here on a Monday? Because I couldn’t wait any longer to start being your blogger. Life happened as I’ve been saying so many times before, but that’s a terrible excuse, not at all original, not at all logical, right? Because life has to happen one way or another. This new year my Blog, my conversation with you will have something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue. Does it sound familiar? Yeah! It is familiar because I, like the bride out there to be, am starting something new, a new path and I will need all of those ingredients to make this relationship that you (reader, follower) and I are having into something that could be related to the word “unexpected” or to just work out. BUT, I need something from you too. Until now I have known that you visit me, that you read me, that you sometimes like what I have to share with you and a few of you have commented, but this time I would really like to have feedback from you, but if I don’t get it, that’s okay, I respect your right to not want to do it. So see you  Sunday!!!!!!

Yours, Sunday Girl


PS. There is already something new in my way of blogging, did you notice it? Could you share it with me?


Your comment matters; helps us grow, helps me

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