Something Old



Hi There! How are you doing today?

Sometimes we need to go back and rewind our life, but not that often and perhaps not that literally, let’s just read and figure out what is that I am trying to say.

Two posts ago I told you about a new path that I was going to start. The path was related to 4 ingredients that are “Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed and Something Blue.” Today’s post is  Something Old but, I must confess that when I started this path, this particular ingredient, was supposed to be about going back in time, to travel through the pages of my Blog and pick one post and then to bring it to life, especially if no one had liked it. To do something with it or  to add something to it.

The plan, possibly it wasn’t the greatest plan out there, but at least for me it was something new and interesting to do as your Sunday Girl. Anyway, when I started my travel, I found 3 posts that had caught my eye for different reasons. Perhaps they are closest to my nowadays heart.

The first one was named  Head Vs HeartThis particular post is a short conversation between these two characters. In it, they can’t see eye to eye. Heart reminds Head about love being in the air on December, but then Head says “Don’t you remember what happens afterwards?” I guess it got my attention because of two facts, one being, December and the second is that my head and my heart still can’t see eye to eye. Back then, love was in the air and this last December it happened to be the month of: Flirting, finding out that in fact I’m sexy. I realized that guys still like me. It was the month of changes and trying something new. The month of being me and think about me, me, me. Did I say me? It was a month of fun, but also a time when I found out that guys lie, guys want something, guys are surrounded by hormones, but I just can’t live without them.  I guess now Head probably would say: “You see, I told you so!” and Heart would probably answered like this: “I know, but you gotta admit something, they do bring a lovely noise into our life.” And then Head replies: “And what noise is that one?” and Heart says: “The lovely noise of writing, my friend. Besides  that they are cute, once you forget that you are mad at them.”

to be continued


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