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Impromptu. According to the dictionary it means: Made or done without previous preparation. At least that’s one of its meanings.

But why an Impromptu on Monday. Well, just because. Well okay, I will tell you. There is no reason, but the desire of doing something new just because. I’m a Sunday Girl in a Monday World and on today’s World I felt like dressing my blog in an Impromptu Style, but if after saying all the above you still want to hear-read a reason; here it is: Ideas come from everywhere, they happen when they happen. As you may know by now, ideas do NOT have a schedule. On the other hand it happens that I wanted to do something special  for my first likes and answers from yesterday. You made my day and it was interesting. So hope you like it and enjoy if you get to read it.

consciusness creates reality by pseudonymous 

“tickles the inside
of your nose like wasabi
when you do it right”

What is that you do
that makes feel this way
and say those words
that perhaps for others
do not make sense,
but for me
it does, it tickles,
makes me feel a mood
so yummy through
my fingers.
Makes me feel the heat,
the fire
right there
in between my lips.

It tickles,
please don’t stop.
Please let me find a way
to embrace it
all day long.  


change today  

” I feel so lost lately
Every day feels like
a million years.
I aimlessly endure everyday
keeping body and soul together.
My heart repeats this vicious cycle…”

Why is that, why is that
I tell myself,
I tell to my friends
I tell it to the clouds
and nothing in response.

If life is good
and beautiful
why then life is a puzzle?

And then I hear
this woman’s voice saying……

I see it now
I am not alone,
I am not the only one.

Perhaps I need to believe more,
visualize it better.
If life is not over yet
there is then
the glimpse of something good
at the end of this tunnel.  

photo-art me by photo art 

collage2Sometimes there is a guy.
Sometimes there is a girl.
Sometimes there is a group
of people.
Sometimes there are kids
taking pictures.

The reason
it really doesn’t matter,
but the picture

Sometimes, it stays there
like a picture
that someone took.

Some other times
it happens
that it becomes art
in someone’s wall
or in a gallery.

and this is the special “some”
becomes the glimpse
of someone else’s art
like the picture
of the snake
to mention one.

rebecca jolie 

“The best words” out there
are the ones
that come
just like flying
through the air.

Confessions of a Readaholic by Aman Mittal 

There is a key
inside a blue box
and the reason why
only Aman knows.

I wonder why
he returned the key,
but he didn’t say.

Why, why, why
says my head.
Screams it
is more likely
the expression inside.

Aman comes
from a land
Confessions of a Readaholic
but today,
he didn’t honor that name.
Today he is Aman.

I think I must respect
he keeping the reason
inside in the blue box,
after all
curiosity killed the cat
and I don’t want to die.



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