Something Old 3A



Hi There! How are you doing?

Before I forget on how the story continues I guess I need to Rock on Daily Basics, so where were we?

….. So I tried again to run to see if I could loose him and I did, but guess what I lost a notebook in the process together with the dog or so I thought, because right away I saw him coming back with my notebook in his mouth.  I said “that’s a smart trick, but what am I going to do with you?” I started to wonder and loosing time. Then I turned to see the time and my watch told me what I was so afraid to hear “time to take a taxi honey”, but I didn’t have enough money to do that. When you are in College you really need to take care of your money. So I turned to the little one and asked him “do you have any money? No?” What am I doing, talking to a dog, am I crazy? -I asked myself- Even though it looked like a crazy thing to do I continued doing it. “You see, what you made me do? I have never missed a class and now because of you there goes my perfect attendance.” I looked at him and he had the saddest face I had ever seen on a dog. He understood everything……

Smart dog, right? So what’s next?

to be continued  


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